Getting Ready for Glastonbury

Mimi Elashiry goes to Glastonbury festival for Spell the Gypsy Collective Photos Natascha Elisa
Mimi Elashiry goes to Glastonbury festival for Spell the Gypsy Collective Photos Natascha Elisa
Alessandra Ambrosio at Coachella Festival
Annalise McLachlan at a festival
Arnhem Festival Fashion
Arhme Festival Fashion
Festival fashion at Coachella
Florence Welch at Glastonbury Festival
Kate Bosworth at Coachella Festival
Leonnie Hanne at Coachella Festival
Leonie Hanne at Coachella Festival
Nicole Isaacs at Coachella Festival
The Freedom State festival fashion
Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella in festival fashion
We the Wild Ones in festival fashion
Fields of people all dressed up, flags flying, the smell of delicious food in the air, and music that runs straight through your body. It could only be one time of year; the festival season! Here at Posie HQ we try and go to at least one festival a year, if not a few! Glastonbury festival is just around the corner and it has a special place in my heart. 
As I grew up in the village of Glastonbury I have a special bond with the festival and go every year it's on. When the festival is on, I watch thousands of people descend through the village, queued up for miles and waiting for hours. Luckily living near the site has meant I can be extra sneaky and take the back roads that no one knows about which means getting straight to the festival so we can fully enjoy it without the horrendous travel that everyone else has to endure.
 As Glastonbury has just had its fallow year, a year that runs every four years when the festival takes a break to allow the land to rejuvenate, we're definitely ready for this one! One reason we love festivals is it's an excuse to get dressed up! Watching everyone in all their glory, dancing in the most spectacular outfits. Here we decided to pull together some of our favourite festival fashion looks. Hopefully, they'll inspire you as much as they inspire us!


Posie xx


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