I am the Moth, and You are the Flame

One summer, I was taking some time off. Often when you’ve worked a lot and then you’re given time off, you find yourself asking, ‘what shall I do with my time’? The answer to this question of course, is doing what you enjoy. So I took out my sketchbook and started to doodle. I’d been watching a David Attenborough documentary all about bugs and insects so it seemed like a natural path to go down… 

Attacus editorial, moodboard and CAD drawing of embroidery

It was when I saw the Attacus Atlas Moth, I fell in love. The bold colours and intricate markings encapsulated me. I didn’t have a purpose for drawing at all. I just love to sit down, and draw something in pencil whilst sipping tea. As I draw, my mind starts to rush with other ideas, like what it would look like if I had drawn it in biro, or in coloured pens and pencils. I’d make stencils and miniature sculptures out of wire. 

Noctuidae editorial, moodboard and CAD drawing of embroidery

When it came to designing the first collection ‘Transfigure’, I was wondering what would be my source of inspiration. I picked up my sketchbook and began wondering how the softness of the moth could be replicated in an embroidery. I imagined a moth like print dancing on the body. 

I took my initial drawings and made a CAD version. This is then sent to the supplier, where they redesign it in their own software. 

The final embroidery is then sent to me, ready to be crafted into beautiful garments.

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