Metamorphosis: Our Most Sustainable Collection Yet

After a month of researching sustainable fabrics, I was left in a state of confusion. The complexity of such a large topic was perplexing, to say the least. 

I decided I wanted to delve into something different and unique. I wanted to see what new technologies were out there and how we could use this to create a more sustainable future. 

Our collection, Metamorphosis explores past the realms of harmful printing inks and dyes, using lasers instead to etch a bespoke print onto jade coloured cotton velvet.

So what is the process behind this technique?

We start off with designing the print. This was firstly hand-drawn and then translated on the computer using CAD. This is what it looks like once drawn up.
Moth etch drawing
You set the laser up by making sure the fabric is lying flat and that the laser is set the correct height.

Once the image is uploaded onto software, and the machine is set up, the etching begins.

Now the fabric is etched. Beautiful, sustainably printed garments can be made.

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