Self-care Sundays with @paileaa

At Posie, self-care is at the heart of our ethos. We're excited to bring you this new series that delves deep into our passion for self-care.

Join us as we explore the world of self-care through captivating interviews and a visual journey that showcases individuals' unique self-care rituals.⁠
This Sunday, we begin the series with an exclusive interview featuring @paileaa, our dear friend and photographer for many of our campaigns. 

Photos by @bykerrycook
@paileaa wearing Posie lingerie sitting in a chair
@paileaa in Posie lingerie reading tarot cards
Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what self-care means to you?

I'm Paige, a late 20's Aquarius who is deeply invested in my spirituality, love for lingerie and fondness of film photography.

Self-care has many forms to me but primarily it's the attention I give my mind, body and soul, and how I create a positive, strong and loving environment for them.

This self-care moulds into my life through practices such as mindfulness, manifestation, and meditation to care for my mental self and more physical exercises such as pilates, sunlight exposure and spending as much time as I can outside with my bare feet on the ground to care for my physical body.  

How do you integrate self-care into your daily routine?

Self-care for me is an accumulation of little daily practices that add up to the bigger picture, this involves; eating healthy, keeping hydrated, taking care of my body, skin, nails and hair, dressing to suit my mood, spending time thinking and expressing my thoughts verbally or written to be able to process them, having alone time to decompress, repeatedly telling myself affirmations throughout the day, working out, walking and doing pilates. 

I am very much into healthy eating as a form of self-care and truly believe 'you are what you eat'. This means I believe food is an incredibly powerful tool, creating a healthy body creates a healthy mind. My daily diet is a reflection of how my brain feels so eating whole foods and following a more primal diet is something that has not only helps with my physical body but being disciplined with what I consume as an act of self-care has healed my mind incredibly!
@paileaa wearing Posie lingerie
@paileaa wears Oceanid

What self-care rituals do you practice on Sundays to set a positive tone for the week ahead?

Whether it's a written or mental to do list, I organise this on a Sunday so I know what I need to get done within the coming week. Sunday is a washing day so I'll change my sheets and wash my hair so that I am entirely clean when I get into bed on Sunday night. This always helps set a positive tone for the week!

I really want to learn to read tarot so this is something I try to remember to do on a Sunday as a self-care practice. I am always in bed pretty early anyway but even more on a Sunday, ideally around 8pm with the lights dimmed and watching something online or reading a book. 

My cat Rusty (not pictured, this is my friends beautiful cat Royce), is a huge help for self-care! Cuddles with him on a Sunday night are the best, if I'm relaxing and have a good energy around me he'll always hop up onto my bed for a snooze. Animals are very clever at knowing the energy you hold and can feel a lot more than you realise.
@paileaa wearing Posie lingerie and holding a cat

What role does lingerie play in helping you feel more connected with your body?

I think it allows me to feel incredibly connected by making me look and feel the best I am. Having something that holds you in the right places to make you feel incredibly sexy, confident and submissive/dominant is really powerful. Through self-care practices such as pilates, working out, yoga, positive inner voice and eating incredibly healthy I know I am doing the best I can to feel connected, confident and comfortable with my body, especially when in lingerie. 

Pilates is a practice I've added to my self-care routine that allows me to be super connected to my body and afterwards I always feel so much more confident and incredibly proud of myself. Even more so now I've been working out for a while so every time I put lingerie on I am really happy with the work I've done to achieve the body that serves me so well. 
@paileaa wearing Posie lingerie and taking a jumper off
@paileaa wearing Posie lingerie and making a smoothie
@paileaa wearing Posie lingerie and holding a smoothie
What advice do you have for others looking to make the most of out their Self-care Sundays?

My spirituality and belief system is something I am so invested in and believe that its a large part of my self-care, especially for my mental self. Having a belief system, whether spiritual, religious or otherwise is a huge part of keeping your mind healthy. Believing in something fully, allows you to have a peaceful mind, even if your beliefs change I think its important to have free agency and self awareness, which in turn creates our own world of self-care. This absolutely looks different for everyone, but a healthy mind and body truly creates a great environment for your soul to live in and is something we should focus on everyday, not just Sundays. 
@paileaa wearing Posie lingerie

Describe self-care in one word

@paileaa wearing Posie lingerie reaching for a book

@paileaa wearing Posie lingerie sat on a bed

@paileaa wearing Posie lingerie reading a book on the bed
Lingerie can be a form of self-expression. How does your choice of lingerie reflect your personal style and identity?

As someone who owns more lingerie than clothes now, I've tried pretty much every style of lingerie! My style is very feminine, floaty and 'cowgirl by the beach' but also a little bad ass and sexy. I love anything lace, especially if it has beautiful embroidery like Posie's. I only wear thongs and this feels very me, alongside something high leg, subtly sexy and sheer is very much my go to criteria when looking for a new lingerie set. The style of lingerie I chose usually goes alongside the outfit I wear, it's so much fun to match our outfit to your clothes, or do the totally opposite and wear something very feminine and innocent but have the opposite underneath!
@paileaa wearing Posie lingerie sat on the bed
@paileaa wearing Posie lingerie

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I love that you’ve chosen to focus on self-care for the series. Self care is a big passion of mine as well. So neat that you got to interview and feature your friend and photographer @paileaa. I love how she combines her love of spirituality, lingerie, photography, mindfulness, manifestation, and meditation. I honor her self care activities of healthy eating, hydration, and dressing to suit her mood. I admire these and would like to work on these more, myself. I love showering and washing my hair before I go to bed at night. It feels like it washes the day stressors down the drain before I climb into bed. I am glad she gets to cuddle with Rusty and that he is able to feel her energy and bring her joy. This is totally something that I love about lingerie too, how it holds me in the right places and helps me feel sexy and confident. I’m so glad the self care and exercise has helped her continue feeling so proud of herself. I so agree about the helpfulness of a spirituality and belief system. These are huge helps to me in my life, too. I so get the love of owning lingerie. So fun she has gotten to try so many styles and enjoy matching her sets with her clothes. I love this too. My style is very feminine as well, with sexy and lace.

Justine November 17, 2023

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