The Self Love Series: Steph Olejniczak


Valentine’s Day is here and we’ve been thinking about what it means for most. Valentine’s Day is about romance, celebrating love and dressing up in your favourite lingerie for your lover. But we’ve been thinking about something more important. We’ve been thinking about loving ourselves, and how it is far more important than being loved by someone else. 

This year we’re creating a Self Love Series. A string of interviews and photos with women that inspire us. 

We're kicking off the series with Steph Olejniczak, a beautiful soul that inspires us every day with her snaps that will leave you yearning for summer days. 

Steph in Noctuidae
Steph in Noctuidae
What does self-love mean to you?
Treating yourself the way you would want others to treat you. Giving yourself time to breathe in this fast world. Embracing everything that you are unapologetically.
Steph in Noctuidae

Where does your confidence come from? / What makes you feel confident?

Nature. Being out in nature or in the ocean is so humbling. It makes me feel grateful for a healthy body to take it all in the way I love so much. If I get up early in the morning and go for a swim in the ocean, I feel like I can do anything that day. 

Steph wears Noctuidae

When the day is up, the week has been long, what’s your ultimate self-love ritual?

Cooking a beautiful dinner with my husband and just relaxing on the couch with him. It really is one of my favorite things! We love cooking so much and it’s always a special time we get to share together. It always gives me the energy I need to feel happy and relaxed. 

Steph wears Noctuidae
Steph wears Noctuidae

What is your favourite way to wear lingerie/style lingerie?

Under a simple outfit like a white T and some good denim. I like things simple and classic. 

How does lingerie help you to feel empowered?

It gives me the confidence to embrace my sexuality. Having that gives so much power...

Steph wears Attacus

What does your perfect weekend entail?

Spending the whole day at the beach. Surfing, messing around with friends, coming home cooking a huge dinner and laughing. Then the next day is spent getting cozy with my husband and taking things slow. 

Steph wears AttacusSteph wears Attacus

If you had to describe self-love in one word, what would it be?


Steph wearing Attacus

Steph wears AttacusSteph wears Attacus

Is there anything you once disliked about yourself that you now love?

My masculine figure. I grew up an Athlete and always had more of an athletic figure. I hated how strong-looking my legs were growing up. Now it’s something I hope I never lose!

Steph in Attacus

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Always go with your gut and never hold back from doing what feels true to you. 



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