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Posie is a lingerie brand inspired by nature and influenced by all things bohemian.

Posie Upshall, founder, and creative director started designing in a little book at the age of 9 and from that point was adamant that she would be a designer. Posie grew up in Glastonbury, a place known for its bohemian culture, laidback lifestyle and of course the festival. This way of life has inspired the whole nature of the brand. Slow and transcendent.

Countryside Moodboard

This upbringing has inspired the ethics that Posie has, which was important to bring to the brand. This is why we chose to produce our garments in the UK. Our factory is based in Leicester; a 20-minute walk away from our office. Ethical manufacturing is a key element to the Posie ethos. It means we know that no one is being treated unfairly and that they are being paid appropriately.

The idea of Posie is to create lingerie designed for longevity, in a time where everything is moving so fast, we slow down and treasure pieces that are designed to be trendless and hope our pieces can move fluidly throughout seasons.

The designs are heavily inspired by nature and have a real juxtaposition between delicate fabrics and bold elastics and hardware. Each piece is crafted to make the wearer feel individual and unique.

We hope that you enjoy following our journey through this blog and learn a little along the way!

 Countryside Moodboard

*All pictures are from Pinterest and Unsplash

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