Posie was founded in 2019 and was created to fuse both passions of fashion and sustainability. Posie is created for the free-spirited bohemian-rockers of the world. The woman that dare to stand out from the crowd, the ones that have strong determination, and care for the planet. 

Here we ask you to slow down in your fast-paced life and delay the hectic lifestyle. In an age where we spend most of our time inside, we plead you to reconnect to the physical world collectively, as humans, animals, plants and the earth. See the footprint that we have left and work consciously to reformulate our future in a movement of sustainability. A greener way of life is essential. 

This lingerie embraces nature as part of its design and has an organic quality. We focus on making beautiful garments, using sustainable fabrics where possible, figuring out innovative designs concepts and making them as comfortable as possible without jeopardising the beautiful aesthetic. 

If you aspire to be part of the revolution where we say no to fast fashion, we buy beautiful products for longevity, and we care for the planet and its people, then you have come to the right place. Passion runs through the threads of this lingerie, designed and crafted in the UK, there is no exploitation in the making of these garments.