We are a purpose-driven brand that puts sustainability and ethics at the forefront of all our decisions. Although not yet perfect, with every collection we improve and positively impact the planet and the people we employ.



Something imperative to Posie is being transparent. The embroidery we use is not yet a sustainable option. We would like to use a recycled version, but unfortunately, our company requires a large minimum order, that as a small business we cannot yet fulfil.

Bamboo Silk

Did you know traditional silk is made by killing silkworms? Roughly 3,000 silkworms are killed only to make a single pound of silk! Due to Posie (the founder and creative director) being vegan, we simply cannot use conventional silk. 

Bamboo silk is the perfect alternative. Bamboo is among the world's fastest-growing plants and is highly renewable. Bamboo does not need pesticides to thrive making it a great option in terms of sustainability and good for your skin.


All the laces we use in our collections are deadstock. Deadstock fabrics are fabrics that have been leftover from the industry. These fabrics would usually be destined for landfills. However, we have repurposed them in our collections to prevent this from happening.

Cotton Jersey

All of our cotton jersey gussets are organic. Organic cotton is far superior to conventional cotton for several reasons. The techniques used to grow organic over conventional means that 91% less water is needed to grow it. Organic also means that toxic pesticides are not used which means waterways are kept clean and safe.


We manufacture all of our garments here in the UK to ensure the highest ethical standards. All of our garments are either made by myself or a small team based in the UK. Producing our pieces not only ensures ethical work practices are being carried out by being able to visit our manufacturers and pay them a good wage, but we also keep our carbon emissions low due to limited transportation. 

Small Runs

When we bring out a new collection we offer pre-orders first. The reason we offer pre-orders is to see which ranges and pieces sell well and which pieces might not. This means we can adjust our quantities on how many pieces will be manufactured. 

We only ever produce in small runs so that we create as little waste as possible.


All of our packaging is plastic-free. Each order comes wrapped in recycled tissue paper which can be composted, a compostable sticker and a recycled box. Your order is then shipped out in a compostable mailer. 

 The Future of Posie

'I studied Contour Fashion at De Montfort University, it was there that I became increasingly concerned about sustainability and ethics within the fashion industry. I asked myself 'Can the Fashion Industry Truly Be Sustainable?’, which is where I discovered the harsh impact fast fashion was having on our planet. 

My ultimate dream is to own my own factory in which everything is done in house. From the creation of fabric, creating componentry, to the manufacturing. I want to ensure everything is created with the plant in mind and to ensure people are being treated fairly.

For now, I endeavour to improve my supply chain with every new collection. Sustainability and ethics is more of a journey than a destination.'

Posie Upshall, CEO