The Self Love Series: Claire Mobbs

Welcome to our final and last interview for our Self Love Series. We are excited to show you this interview and series of pictures created with Claire Mobbs (@goldenhourbyclaire)

We chose Claire as this months muse as Claire's pictures transport us to a world we're always dreaming of. Her pictures denote a life of simple style, sunset beaches perfect for a surf, and lazy days spent at home drinking coffee. 

We hope you enjoy diving in to our final Self Love Series interview x
 What does self love mean to you?

Self-love to me means, taking the time out of your day to do something to make me feel happy and at peace. Surfing, painting, yoga, running, reading, face masks, or just generally relaxing in bed reading a good book.

 When the day is up, the week has been long, what’s your ultimate self-love ritual?

Face and hair mask, bubble bath and wine!
Claire wears Noctuidae
Claire wears Noctuidae
Where does your confidence come from? / What makes you feel confident?

Confidence to me isn't necessarily about what I look like, but my feelings of accomplishment. Whether that is in my work, studies or even if I went for a really long jog and didn't have to stop. 

 What is your favourite way to wear lingerie / style lingerie?

I like to wear my favourite lingerie under my robes at home with my fluffy slippers - I generally don't wear bras - but I will when I am feeling a bit fancy.
Claire wears Noctuidae
Claire wears Noctuidae
 How does lingerie help you to feel empowered?

It's not something I wear every day, so when I do it is special and a romantic gesture.
Claire wears Noctuidae
Claire wears Noctuidae
What does your perfect weekend entail?

A deserted beach with my love and our closest friends, dancing on waves and jamming around a fire on sunset.

 If you had to describe self-love in one word, what would it be?

Claire wears Attacus
Claire wears Attacus
Is there anything you once disliked about yourself that you now love?

I am sure there has been many things I have disliked about myself growing up, but I have learnt to love all my imperfections and to just grow into the woman I am now.
Claire wears Attacus
Claire wears Attacus

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Don't listen to the mean girls or boys, embrace who you are and who you are growing to become. Be easy on yourself and don't be scared - fear is a terrible reason not to try something.

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